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SAS Enterprise Miner Exam

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SAS Enterprise Miner Exam

Hi All,

On February 12th 2016 I had undertaken my SAS Predictive Modeling certification exam at the Sydney SAS Centre.


Unfortunately, I couldn't go past my first question.


Actual Problem:


In response to my first question I did the following:
I created a new project and defined my library.
Then, I tried to create a data source. In this step I couldn't view the data set in my library.


After this I was clue less and informed about it to the proctor. Based on my statement they thought there might be a server issue and agreed to re-schedule my exam.


The Sydney examiners were kind enough to reschedule my exam.


Since then, I've been browsing the net for an answer and this afternoon fortunately came across the presentation on 'SAS Ask the Expert Webinar' held on 26th January 2016. I saw the video, especially between 20 minutes 39 seconds and 21 minutes 31 seconds in the recording I noticed that the presenter faced exactly the same issue that I faced in my exam. She couldn't find the 'donor' folder in the create data source step. This was the same situation in my exam.


This afternoon I spoke to the Sydney exam Center and they now reckon that it was not a server issue. Instead they think that I've missed an intermediate step in my exam. If that's the case I wish to know what is that step and how can I go forward.


Hope one of you can kindly assist me with that. I am aspiring to become a SAS analyst. I don't have access to SAS software and  I totally rely on all the online teachings and recordings. I believe that they are complete. It makes me confident when in my preparation. However, when I couldn't pass through my very first exam question it was very disappointing.


On Monday the 22nd of Feb 2016 I am having my exam re-scheduled and now I am a bit nervous about it. I am not confident as to what I need to do if I face the same scenario. I am eager to hear back from one of you and hope you will have a solution to this issue.


Thanks for your time and sorry for the long email.


Kind Regards,

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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner Exam

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Shreekam wrote:

Then, I tried to create a data source. In this step I couldn't view the data set in my library.






You couldn't view the dataset in your library OR the library itself? I know the video you mentioned but her issue was not with the data, but the library itself.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner Exam

In that case I couldn't find the library.
It will be great if you can help me gain some clarity with the following:
1 path where we save the new project
2 path where we define the library
3 path where we create a new data source
From the exam perspective if I receive a path for the data source I should be able to connect both the ends.
I should be able to view my library and it's contents when I open up the create new data source wizard.
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