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SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1

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SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1

Encountering the problem "Error: Training code catalog entry, SASHELP.EMCREDIT.IGN.SOURCE, does not exist." while performing SAS Interactive Grouping Node.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1

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That error implies that the Enterprise Miner Credit Scoring catalog could not be found in your installation directory.  You will want to check fpr the existence of the emdcredit.sas7bcat in your installation directory.  On windows you can look in "SAS_HOME_DIRECTORY"\SASFoundation\9.3\creditscrnod\sashelp and for UNIX the path would be "SAS_HOME_DIRECTORY"/SASFoundation/9.3/sashelp.  If that catalog doesn't exist then most likely the Credit Scoring for Enterprise Miner was not properly installed on the system.  If that is the case then you will need to run the install again to add Credit Scoring for Enterprise Miner.

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