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SAS Eminer doesn't run the node

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SAS Eminer doesn't run the node



When I run a node in Eminer, it doesn't show any report or I'm getting the following error message. it doesn't matter which model for all of them it is so:



Server Error
This flow needs to either be updated or needs to be run.
The model package created may not contain the correct scoring information
such as the SAS Score Code, input variables and/or output variables tables.



I tried to run new and old projects but for all of them I'm getting this error or nothing.


Is it something related to EMiner or something about my user id or data source or...?


Thank you.

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Re: SAS Eminer doesn't run the node

I would suggest getting in touch with SAS Technical Support for assistance. This service is included in your SAS license.  Here are instructions for contacting SAS Technical Support  They'll help you resolve it.  


When you contact them, please be sure to include:

Here is more information on these tips.

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