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Am I able to perform the following in SAS EM6.1:

1. Register libraries
2. Register tables
3. Create Stored Processes and subsequently runs it on SAS EG
4. Run Stored Processes

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Re: SAS EM6.1

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Since you use the word register, I believe that you are asking about sas metadata server. In that case the answer is no. If you don't mind, please describe the stored process that you want to create with EM and then run in EG ?

For model scoring, the answer is a little more optimistic. When you register a model to metadata server, you can choose a sas folder. EM has two functions where you can then read those models - from File/OpeModel and from the Model Import Node. In the latter case you can apply the score code to the current data and compute fit statistics. EG can also read these models and can create stored processes on its own.

Also, for EM 6.2 this summer, there is a predictive model task that will run in EG and AMO.
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