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SAS EM use Scored data in another model

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SAS EM use Scored data in another model

Hi All,

I've built a regression model and have scored a "Score" data set. I now want to feed this data into another model and use the P_target variable as an input. Is it possible to save this as a dataset or to build this directly into another decision tree?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: SAS EM use Scored data in another model

Highlight the  Score node where you presumably have used to have score, at the panel to the left that displays all the configuration exercises you can have with the node, you should see a subpanel that shows input and output data sets where you can see the scored data set there already. It should sit at the EM workspace directory the project already. You can source it back  to EM's data set list so you can draw into your new EM exercise. ideally in doing so, you may prefer to carry over all other candidate variables.

Hope this helps.

Jason Xin

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