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SAS EM generate different results?

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SAS EM generate different results?

I am using SAS EM for a logistic regression prediction. I found that sometimes I ran the nodes under the same conditions, but the result can be different (selection of variables ....).

I used stepwise iteration in the logistic regression, and imputed and transformed variables before running the regression node.

Your suggestion will be appreciated!

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Re: SAS EM generate different results?

Could you indicate EM version, OS (Windows....), and possibly share the xml diagram file? Jason Xin

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Re: SAS EM generate different results?

I had similar experience but with SEM 6.1 and 7.1. They generate different outputs.

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Re: SAS EM generate different results?

If you have partitioned your dataset, you might get different results anytime you run your nodes if the "Rerun" feature on your "Input data" node has been set to "Yes". The reason is that  the partition node splits your dataset into "Training" and "Validation" randomly which could end up in getting slightly different results.



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