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SAS EM Decision Tree English Rules

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SAS EM Decision Tree English Rules

Are the English Rules that are the result of a decision tree model available anywhere in the subdirectories?  I have written a SAS program to reformat for an excel filtered table but have to manually save the file with the English Rules.  I think that they should be somewhere in the Workspace or are they just created on the fly?





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Re: SAS EM Decision Tree English Rules

Hi Judy,

The English Rules are stored as a text file on a subdirectory with the node ID of your tree.

For example, for my decision tree number 3 on a diagram, the English Rules are in:




Once you know the physical path of your enterprise miner workspace (EMWS), the rest is pretty straightforward.

I hope you get to share with everybody this automated program that you are doing!


Good luck!


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Re: SAS EM Decision Tree English Rules

Thanks, Miguel!  We are still on 12.1 so I did find them under the same subdirectory in the file names OUTDESCRIBE.txt.  I am still working on the report but I think it would be a great addition to SAS reporting of decision trees.  I should be able to share it with you soon.

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