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SAS EM 14.3 - Delete intermediate result files

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SAS EM 14.3 - Delete intermediate result files

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I am using Enterprise Miner 14.3 and have a storage quota of 5000MB.


For my current task, each model (regression, Decision Tree, etc.) generates about 500MB of intermediate files.

I have 5+ diagrams and each diagram has 4-6 models feeding into a Model Comparison node. If I am over quota in-between runs, everything freezes (cannot open diagrams, cannot open or delete projects, files etc.).


Since I will quickly run out of space, what I would like to do is:


1. Run Diagram-1, get results, take screenshots.

2. DELETE results to make space

3. Run Diagram-2, get results, take screenshots.

...and so on.


Any suggestions on how to accomplish Step-2?


Thank you in advance.


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Re: SAS EM 14.3 - Delete intermediate result files

You can create a Model Package of your flow by right-clicking on the Model Comparison node at the end - this will essentially create a zip file that can be used to re-create your flow, then you can delete your diagram and you can re-create your diagram from the Model Package if you ever need to (though you would need to re-run it to get your results back).

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