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SAS Datasets - background info

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SAS Datasets - background info


Can you tell me where I can find background info about the datasets listed in SAS Enterprise Miner? I don't know what some of the variables mean. I am currently looking at  'Organics', 'Subscriber', 'Inq2005', 'creditbureau', and 'credit'. It would be helpful to have background about the dataset so I can understand it.


For example, in the 'Subscribers' dataset, the credit type  columns have the acronyms -- N , V  listed. I dont know what they mean.





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Re: SAS Datasets - background info


Where are these data sets? I should know this, right?

I could not find these data sets in my go-to libraries (sashelp and sampsio) but I vaguely remember them from the course Advanced Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner.


What I do most of the time when I want to find more about a data set is to google the names of the variables. For example for the Home Equity data set (sampsio.hmeq) if you google "LOAN DELINQ LOAN MORTDUE data set", you find a link to a description of the repository that first published this (or a similar) data set. There might be a better way to do this, but this might get you started while someone posts the ultimate way to find better descriptions.



As an alternative, you can contact the instructor for the class if this is where you get the data from.


Good luck!


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