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I am an experienced SAS programmer in pharma domain. Now, I want to update myself in SAS itself. But i am confused with SAS BI or SAS DI. Can someone help me what course to do for better career prospects. Which certification to do SAS DI or SAS BI. Please help.


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Re: SAS DI or SAS BI ?

BI is Business Intelligence . DI is Date Integrated . If you prefer to BI, You need some statistical knowledge .

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Re: SAS DI or SAS BI ?

SAS DI is dataprocessing metadata driven programming. Some classic sas code can be usefull.

SAS BI is Eguide and bi sometimes enhanced with eminer. This for analytics usage and old coding can be integrated with that. The analyticsu version is a good example without eguide but with sas studio.

Do not get to be confused on this as this is making it more difficult than just seeing other user interfaces.

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Re: SAS DI or SAS BI ?

Not sure that I fully agree with and

SAS DI is the Data Integration tool (ETL). So if data management is your area then this is what you want to go for. In an extended version there is a Data Quality Server bundle which also includes DataFlux (which integrates with DI Studio).

SAS BI stands for SAS Business Intelligence. This includes tools like OLAP,SAS Information Maps, SAS Web Report Studio. So this is mostly about data presentation/reporting. If you choose this path then you might also want to look into SAS VA (SAS Visual Analytics).

There are also Analytics tools like Enterprise Miner, Forecast Studio etc. They don't belong to the BI Tool suite. I've seen lately something like "BI + Analytics = Enterprise Data Discovery".

Below link illustrates the areas quite well - and yes, I can see that for Business Intelligence there is now some Analytics added (with a distinction between SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence and Business Intelligence) 

SAS Training - Find a Course: Learning Paths

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Re: SAS DI or SAS BI ?

Patrick, we do not fully agree but for the op question it is not making any difference.

He is working as analytics.  Cdisc adam with lex jansen site is giving an other set of views aside all technical ones.

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