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SAS 9.4 Enterprise Miner 12.3 Diagram Templates

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SAS 9.4 Enterprise Miner 12.3 Diagram Templates

Hello fellow data miners.  As I mentioned a couple weeks ago , I will be posting some sample EM 12.3 diagrams (these are only supported on 12.3, and may not work on older versions, but feel free to try) to showcase some of the functionality that Enterprise Miner provides,  Some templates may be introductory, while others more advanced.

The first 2 templates attached are geared towards novice users, looking to do predictive modeling with EM, and pick the 'best model'.  The rapid predictive modeling flow is actually produced from SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler (highlighted in our Community).  Attached are screenshots, instructions, and the .xml templates.  Feel free to use these templates and modify as needed.

Our community lead, Anna Brown, will be posting some exciting news next week about our templates.  Good luck!

Predictive Modeling.PNG


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Re: SAS 9.4 Enterprise Miner 12.3 Diagram Templates

Very cool, Jonathan.

All - submit your best for the SAS Enterprise Miner Diagram Showdown, as detailed in the box to the left of "Recent Content" on this community.

I look forward to your submissions!


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