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Renaming variables in SAS EM

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Renaming variables in SAS EM

Hi everybody


I'm new to SAS EM, so it may be a simple question to some.


I want to rename a variable, which I derived from a consolidation tree. The output name of my new varaible is just _NODE_, which doesn't say much. How can I rename it? I have read, that I maybe could use the transform variables node - but I can't figure out how.





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Re: Renaming variables in SAS EM

As you note, the Applied Analytics Using Enterprise Miner notes (page 9-28) suggest using the Transform Variables node to change the name, but may be simpler to just perform a DATA step in the SAS Code node.  Assuming you are inputting and outputing a training data set, the DATA step might look something like the following:



     set &EM_IMPORT_DATA (rename=(_NODE_=<newname>));



Hope this helps.




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