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Reasons to upgrade to the latest version of SAS Enterprise Miner

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Reasons to upgrade to the latest version of SAS Enterprise Miner

Good afternoon everyone.  Glad to see everyone is participating in this community, the activity has really grown!  Based on our recent poll results, I wanted to give you reasons to upgrade to 9.4 Maintenance Release 1 / EM 13.1, which was released in December 2013.

1. 10 new nodes!!!  These cover analytic methods including GLM, Support Vector Machines, Clustering, Principal Components, and Time Series (3 new nodes).  We also added in the Save Data Node, which enables you to export SAS data sets.  Finally, we added in the Open Source Integration node which enables you to embed Open Source R algorithms inside an EM flow.

2. Automatic multi-threading out of the box for many HP nodes, such as Random Forest, Neural Network, SVM, and many others.  Take advantage of those multi-core machines!

3. We have documented our High-Performance procedures for use outside of the EM GUI.  That means you can write code, taking advantage of the multi-threaded procedures that EM utilizes.

Our next release of Enterprise Miner will be in August, which coincides with 9.4M2 / 13.2.  We have taken the time to enhance algorithms such as Random Forest, Neural Networks, Regression, and several others.  Look for more announcements.


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Re: Reasons to upgrade to the latest version of SAS Enterprise Miner

Thanks for the info, Jonathan! Here is a recent community poll on 9.4 - please vote and comment as you see fit. What do you think about the new nodes, multi-threading or high-performance procedures in 9.4?


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