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Predictive modeler certification exam

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Predictive modeler certification exam

Hi experts,

I want to appear for "SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 13" certification exam. I am preparing for it on my own. Can I book this exam in Pearson Vue without attaending training through SAS or any of its ATCs? My current location is India.




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Re: Predictive modeler certification exam

I don't believe any of the SAS certifications mandate a training course by SAS corp.   I am pretty sure that you can register for any exam without a proof of training. However, some exams may have prerequisites for example, you may not be able to register for a SAS certification such as "Advanced SAS Programming" without having proof of completing "Base SAS Certification".   So, please check if there are any requirements for your exam. 


Good Luck...!!!

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Re: Predictive modeler certification exam

The web states that the
Exam offered exclusively at SAS training centers, so you may not be able to book it via Pearson Vue. But I'm sure that's on the online system to check.

It does not specify any prerequisites in terms of certification or courses so you can just take the exam.
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Re: Predictive modeler certification exam

It looks like the exam is only being given on certain days in Cary, NC or Toronto,ON or at the SAS Global Forum in Las Vegas. There is no mention on the website of the exam being offered outside of North America. You may want to contact SAS to see if there is any plans to make it available elsewhere.

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Re: Predictive modeler certification exam

Hi Projjwal,


The Predictive Modeling exam is not currently offered through PearsonVUE test centers. It is available at SAS locations and events. Many SAS country offices host the Predictive Modeling exam. I suggest that you reach out to our India training office by email ( to inquire about the options to take this exam in India.




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Re: Predictive modeler certification exam

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply, Of course I will contact SAS India as you suggested. Have a great day

Thanks & Regard



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