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Pre-defined prefixes Entreprise Miner

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Pre-defined prefixes Entreprise Miner

I have a DATASET with 4000 variables.


Some of them have a prefixes like these:






Entreprise Miner metadata nodes automatically sets a role for these variables, according to its prefix:

W_ as Assessment role

B_ as Segment role



This is very boring because I have to change the role manually of about 800 variables.


I can't find a list with pre-defined prefixes.


Can someone help me, please?


Thank you very much.

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Re: Pre-defined prefixes Entreprise Miner

Well, I don't know this Enterprise Miner application however in Base SAS the below code should work.  I would point out of course that 4000 variables isn't a very good structure, in fact much over 20 or 30 variables is a real pain to work with.

data _null_;
  set sashelp.vcolumns (where=(libname="<your lib>" and memname="<your dataset>" and scan(name,1,"_") in ("W","B","P","R"))) end=last;
  if _n_=1 then call execute('proc datasets nolist lib=<your_lib>;  modify <your dataset>;');
  call execute(cat(' rename ',name,'=',tranwrd(name,"_","x"),';'));
  if last then call execute(' quit;run;');

This generates a datasets procedure call with each variable with W_ B_ etc. prefix and renames them to Wx... Bx... 

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Re: Pre-defined prefixes Entreprise Miner

Thank you RW9.


I'm going to try your code to rename the variables.


However, I insist: is there any document that describes the prefixes we shouldn't use in SAS variables, to avoid conflits in SAS Entreprise Miner Nodes?


Thank you!

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Re: Pre-defined prefixes Entreprise Miner

This post has many of the prefixes that EM uses that you should try to avoid:


Also, you might want to look at this post to see how to use to set the roles/levels for your variables programmatically for all variables with a certain prefix (instead of renaming your variables):


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