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Post-Jam Notes for DMML Community – Feb. 2018

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Post-Jam Notes for DMML Community – Feb. 2018

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We came. We jammed. SAS experts from across the organization including Technical Support and R+D gathered during the Feb. SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning Community Jam yesterday. We had a very animated discussion on things like PROC ARBORETUM and classification. There’s no shortage of expertise and opinions around here! I hope you followed along and enjoyed the activity during the hour. Here are topics we discussed and addressed:

NicolasC, PadraicGNeville

Calculating Statistics in market basket analysis
hehe, DougWielenga

                Related blog post: Visualizing the results of a Market Basket Analysis in SAS Viya

SAS to R via PMML
Ps8813, DougWielenga, RW9, Reeza, MelodieRush

proc arboretum
csigona, DougWielenga, PadraicGNeville

proc arboretum 
(Yes, there are two topics with the same subject.)
fatemeh, PadraicGNeville, DougWielenga

Questions about doing classification on extremely imbalanced dataset
YG1992, DougWielenga

result of segment profile chart doesn't show up all. Is there something wrong?
95student, DougWielenga

Sampling Node
NicolasC, DougWielenga


Look out for announcements about future Jams. The next one will be in the late April/early May time frame.

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