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Post-Jam Notes for DMML Community – Aug. 2017

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Post-Jam Notes for DMML Community – Aug. 2017

That’s a wrap! After a successful completion of this community’s first-ever Jam, I’m happy to report that SAS experts were humming along throughout the hour responding to several previously unaddressed topics. Some threads go waaaaay back, and that’s OK! Your fellow SAS practitioners continue to search for and land on these topics, so adding perspective to each of them improves those experiences.

A big thanks to all you Jammers out there. You know who you are. Here’s a summary of the topics and activity. We plan to hold future SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning Jams so if you missed this one, watch for announcements about others in the coming months.


See all segments in Enterprise miner cluster node segment plot

smita249, WendyCzika

Scoring with Upper Confidence Limit Estimate

lapomarda, WendyCzika

local installation of SAS miner and connection to libraries on a SAS server

Eran_Yavetz, jwexler

Clustering with Too Many Variables

gorkemkilic, CatTruxillo

Hide Enterprise Miner custom tab

Gabee, jwexler

Data Mining Case Studies with Solutions

DocvK, ChrisHemedinger

Identification of infrequent aka suspicious association rules

ajosh, yeliu

Posterior Prob. Ranges for TEST Data set?

Joel_Wesley, DougWielenga


Model Validation on Very Small Test Data Sets



Initial options in variable cluster node in EM 13.2?

xian, DougWielenga

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