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New SAS Miner user needs help

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New SAS Miner user needs help

   I am working on SAS Miner - Decision Tree and have couple of que

- In my Decision Tree, all Label names shows up and not the variable names. How can I change the settings to switch the display options i.e. Label vs. Variable name in the tree

- When a node of the tree is consist of multiple variables, only few words shows up on the tree and when we print it, it is hard to say what variables a particular node consist of. Is there any way to show full/all variables in a node?

- How to apply weighting? I've a variable that I want to use to apply weighting to the dataset. How can I do that?

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Re: New SAS Miner user needs help


Quick input to your questions,
1. I can't remember if you can switch labels for variable name. Let me get back to you on that one.

2. There are a couple ways to show you more information about the rule for that node. I really like to right click on the node and select Tools->Display English rule.

3. You can assign a variable the role of frequency. Do that when you are creating your data set, or used the Metadata node.

I hope it helps,


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