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Neural Networks

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Neural Networks

I'm a new user to SAS Enterprise Miner


May I request someone to route me to the nice explanation of 'Neural Networks in Enterprise Miner' which can be easily understandble?


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Re: Neural Networks



I'd suggest to look at the product documentation for the software version you are using at and also these videos where there is one on Neural Networks at


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Re: Neural Networks

Neural networks isn't a simple topic to understand. I recommend looking at the theory first and then determine how a tool (SAS) implements the idea.

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Re: Neural Networks

Based on previous experience, I would recomend :

- SAS Enterprise Miner Referance Help within you product (Help -> Contents) and that not only for NN but for any Algorithm or technique used in SAS EM. You will find theoretical background to start and one example or more for each node.

- "Predictive Modeling with SAS® Enterprise Miner™: Practical Solutions for Business Applications, Seco..." Chapter 5 give good further push.

- An old and not updated but still somehow helpful. SAS Neural Network FAQ


After if you have specific questions, then post it and let us see.

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Re: Neural Networks

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May I request you to write one example where I can apply neural networks technique in banking data which has customer details? Because I could not find any example w.r.t to banking domain.

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