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Neural Network classification problems

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Neural Network classification problems

Hi Guys,
I have run the Neural network for the purpose of classification.
however, after training the data , I have found the mis-classification
numbers are quit high.

Just wondering what do your guys deal with this when this thing
What factors would influence the results.
I am using the results from text mining to train my data. so I used
the SVDs as input to train data.
so my input is 100 SVDs and target is the classification categories it
is about 23 clusters. i have tried setting the network from 6 hidden
neuro to 40 neuros.

please help.

any suggestions and ideas are fine.

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Re: Neural Network classification problems

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Hello. To try to help, we need to know a little more about your data. What generated the target columns? How is it related to the text data ? Have you tried any other modeling techniques ? Cheers.
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