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Moving data via DI Studio to SAS Viya

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Moving data via DI Studio to SAS Viya

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Hi Chris,


At Las Vegas we tried to get as much information as possible about SAS Viya. Our focus was primarily on two topics:

- how existing SAS implementations could be combined with SAS Viya,

- how metadata from SAS Viya can be combined with existing metadata, so that the data lineage from sources to BI reports still can be produced (something SAS always stresses as a major plus).


We now have, for jsut 2 or 3 weeks, access to the 'SAS Viya Early Preview'. It is probably to early to address the second point, but would it already be possible to create a Data Transfer transformation from my local DI Studio job to this session? I have no clue how to do that.

Right now SAS Viya looks like a standard SAS Studio session, only with a new kind of engine for a libref (CAS), and some specific tasks for the areas now available.

This may sound a bit disappointed, but in itself I see this as something positive: for an end user there should be as little change as possible. But we, as SAS consultants, are trying to understand what goes on behind the scene.

RIght now this preview does not help us much further, it seems.


Thanks for any further info,


Frank Poppe

PW Consulting, the Netherlands

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Re: Moving data via DI Studio to SAS Viya

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Hi @FrankPoppe, I moved this discussion from the main "SAS Viya" board to this early preview area. I'll let other SAS experts reply to the question you posed.


Thanks for using the communities to share your question and feedback!

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Re: Moving data via DI Studio to SAS Viya

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Rest assured, SAS has placed a priority on ensuring connectivity between SAS V9 environments and SAS Viya environments.  We're working on technical material to help explain the way you'd handle such actions as accessing and transferring data, moving models, promoting reports, and remotely executing code between the two environments.


That said, the SAS Viya Early Preview program is designed to be used solely with the supplied sample data and code.  It is not intended to support data transfer or access outside of the SAS-hosted environment.  Existing SAS customers can apply to the free trial program of the SAS Viya Data Mining and Machine Learning product.  You'll find a link to that form at the bottom of the main SAS Viya page (  These free trial environments can be installed at your site, and thus leverage your data, including that from a V9 environment.


As you've noted, the programming interface for the Early Preview program is indeed a modified version of SAS Studio.  The Early Preview is intended as a test drive of the new SAS Viya Data Mining and Machine Learning analytic tasks/actions offered using this interface.

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