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Model Comparison node, missing models.

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Model Comparison node, missing models.

     Hello everyone Smiley Happy,

I am trying to run a model comparison node where I compare three different models. The problem is that the node fails to present results for one of the models connected to it. Graphic example:,uYA4God,uYA4God#1

The interesting thing is that when I include the DT which I am using for level reduction, the Model Comparison node includes it in the report.,ibZbwQa,ibZbwQa#1

Clearly the mistake is in me, but I would greatly appreciate any tips of what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your time and effort!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Model Comparison node, missing models.

I think it's because the target used in the Tree (the original target) is different than the one used in the Neural Network and Regression nodes (REP_target from the Replacement node).  If you give me more detail about how you are using the Replacement node, we can try to come up with a work-around for this.  The easiest thing is to connect the DT Model node from the Replacement node instead of the Data Partition node to ensure you are working with the same target, but there is probably a reason you aren't doing that. 


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