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Miner statistics display

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Miner statistics display

Hi there


I have an issue with SAS Miner. I have contradictory information when I check a variable statistics in two different way.

First one is right-click 'edit variables' and show the statistics (percent missing values etc....). Second way is while this display is open I click on the variable and then click explore. Here the statistics for the same variable are different. Why?

Thanks in advance for your help.


ps: some time, I do not even have information on the statistics (especially after a replacement node) while on the explore window, I have. 


I attach some pics where one of my variable ev_loc_p1_p2_est have contradictory information between the explore and the statistics display (pic 1) while pic 2 shows the replacement variable of this variable showing no statistics on the display but doing it in the explore.



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Re: Miner statistics display

I think it's because when you do Explore, it is only based on a sample of the data.  You should see in the Sample Properties table of the Explore window how many rows are being used.  If you change the Fetch Size to Max, then it should use all and hopefully everything will match!

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Re: Miner statistics display

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Yes I think this is the reason. I still don't get why I have no missing values at all in the display after the REPLACEMENT node while a stat explore of the REP_variable still shows them...Thanks

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