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Migrating to EM V6.1 (SAS V9.2)

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Migrating to EM V6.1 (SAS V9.2)

We are currently using Enterprise Miner V5.2 with SAS V9.1.3. Will we be able to open our existing projects in EM V6.1?
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Re: Migrating to EM V6.1 (SAS V9.2)

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Hi Heather, A good source of information for EM 6.1 SAS9.2 is located here . See specifically the EM 6.1 migration document. Your EM 5.2 project data can be moved and read directly by EM 6.1 If you have need to migrate EM models registered to the (a) SAS Metadata Server then the doc describes how to perform a migration. Wayne
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