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Market Basket Node

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Market Basket Node

I'm looking for good resources that discuss the use of the market basket node in Enterprise Miner (I have version 7.1). I've read the help documentation that comes with e-miner. I've read various papers on the association node. I've read the relevant sections of Customer Segmentation and Clustering by Collica. Are there other resources out there that would help me to understand how to better use and implement the results of this node?



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Re: Market Basket Node

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The book you listed (Collica's Customer Segmentation and Clustering) and the doc you mentioned, are really great resources.

If we were to produce a video to discuss the results of the Association and Market Basket nodes, what dataset or example would be mot useful? Are all the plots and graphs well explained in the doc, or you would like further details about some results?



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