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Logistic Regression SAS Enterprise Miner

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Logistic Regression SAS Enterprise Miner

Hi ,


I am new to SAS Miner & need to run logistic regression on a sample data set. Since the number of bads in my datset was really small so I have used startified sampling to create equal number of good & bad. But when I run a logistic regression on the sample data it doesn't show the classification matrix.Moreover, I have already partitioned my data & would like to test the model built on the validate dataset created after partitioning. Can some one help?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Logistic Regression SAS Enterprise Miner

I'm not sure what you mean.  Do you get results for your Regression node?  If you look in the Output window, do you see a Target Profile table under the DMREG Procedure output?  Also you should be able to connect an Input Data node for your validation data with Role set to Validation to the same Regression node to use and assess the validation partition.

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