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Link Analysis output disparity

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Link Analysis output disparity

Hi i am trying to produce next best three offers lists for my customer.


I used link analysis node to produce my list and have my lists on results tab. EM orders offers in descending order and let the offer with highest confidence as the 1st next best offer, and  i could see rank numbers and confidence values are inline.


But when i took score code and move procedure to EG, i saw that score assigns rank = 1 value for the  product which has the  lowest confidence value.


In short i can observe  rank values correlated  with their rank number in EM but on EG ordering is completely different. 



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Re: Link Analysis output disparity

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You can check the Link_TRAIN data in the exported data of Link Analysis node. That is the scored output data and is consistent with the next-best-offer table you see in the results. The screenshots above shows the next-best-offer table and scored output of link analysis performed on association data.



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