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Interpreting CCC values in a Cluster Analysis

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Interpreting CCC values in a Cluster Analysis


It's my first encounter with the CCC. I'm trying to figure out the outflow model. I am a beginner and met this clustering assessment. Can you explain in simple terms how best to interpret this estimate?
I'm not very good at English specialized literature, find SAS TR A-108, but can't understand main point.


Thank you!

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Re: Interpreting CCC values in a Cluster Analysis

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Hello DavidBesaev -


Here is a link to the technical report that you mentioned.


A-108 Cubic Clustering Criterion


The best place to look for information about how to interpret is in the Conclusion section, printed page 49. Here is a brief summarization:


  • Peaks in the plot of the cubic clustering criterion with values greater than 2 or 3 indicate good clusters;
  • Peaks with values between 0 and 2 indicate possible clusters.
  • Large negative values of the CCC can indicate outliers.


Pages 40-48 give some examples of interpretations.


Another good place to look for interpretation examples is the Getting Started section, and the Examples section, of the chapter The CLUSTER Procedure.


        SAS/STAT User's Guide - Procedures



Have a great day.

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Re: Interpreting CCC values in a Cluster Analysis

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Thank you so much for your help, MikeStockstill !

I will try to get to know these sources more closely.

So, if we look at my plot of CCC, that good performance will be, if there are more than 4 clusters ( more 2000 points)?



Thank you! 

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