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Interpretation bayesian network graph in SAS EM

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Interpretation bayesian network graph in SAS EM


I try to use the HPBNET node in SAS EM in order to explain a target variable from input variables. By using this node, i would like to know the links between input variables and the effects on my target variable.
I tested several BN structures but only my target variable is a parent in my graph..
Can someone explain to me why my target is always a child ? How is it possible to make predictions if there is no parent variable for my target variable ?

Thanks !

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Re: Interpretation bayesian network graph in SAS EM

It depends on the structure of your network.  With a Parent-child or Markov blanket structure, the inputs can be parents of the target.  This paper has all the details and equations of how the predictions for a target are obtained from a Bayesian network:



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Re: Interpretation bayesian network graph in SAS EM

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Hello WendyCzika,

Thank you for your answer !


I built a Bayesian Network Model in order to explain a binary variable. Is it possible to compute a kind of "contribution" in order to know which input variable is the most contributive in my model to explain my target ?


Also, I picked up the Scoring code from my model but I don't understand the rules on it :

Can someone can explain to me what is compute in this rule (in red) because is not a probability..

else if _I28 = 1
then do;


Best regards,



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