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Interactive Grouping results are empty

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Interactive Grouping results are empty



I'm trying to run a Credit Scoring model in SAS Enterprise Miner and when I run the Interactive Grouping node after the Data Partition one it results that all the variables are rejected and the Gini and Information Value are 0.


I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've run several times credit scoring models and never see all the columns of the results windows of the Interactive Grouping saying 0 and Rejected.

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Re: Interactive Grouping results are empty

Hi iae,


Is there anything special about this data set? Is the target a rare event?

Try different settings for binning. Some suggestions below.


-bump up to 50 the number of bins for interval variable binning.


-grouping method (default vs constrained optimal)

   -change tree based grouping options for all methods but constrained optimal

   -check the log when you run with constrained optimal to confirm what constraints are not holding, and change them (constrained optimal or advanced constrined optimal options).


-try Apply restrictions No to see if this helps and then decide whether you need this or not.


More info please

A couple screenshots of Interactive Grouping, specially what does the grouping plots on interactive mode (event count vs pre-bins and event counts vs groupings) look like? Any WOE trend whatsoever?





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Re: Interactive Grouping results are empty

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Hi Miguel:


Thank you for the immedate reply.


I don't think the data set has something special. It has a lot of descriptive variables of the clients of a credit company and the target variable is constructed on the category the company gives to its clients. The categories goes from 1 to 6 and if you have 3 or more you are considered a bad client so we just build with a CASE that says that the target variable. Every client has a category so there're no missing values. 


I'm going to try what you suggest and then I tell you how it goes, now I only have this picture of the window of results of the Interactive Grouping node, I attach the rest later. 




Thank you!

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