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HowTo : Clusterize time series according to groups ?

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HowTo : Clusterize time series according to groups ?


Let me explain my issue.

I need to clusterize my datas in 9 clusters.

The thing is, I need to make my clusters according to countries.

I tries using the "Start Group Node" and the "TSDP"/"TSIM', but with no success.

If anyone has ever had this issue, or feels like having a solution, be pleased to write it down.



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Re: HowTo : Clusterize time series according to groups ?

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HI Sebastien,

Have you figured out what you needed?

Not sure if I understand your question OK.

You can find 9 clusters using the Cluster node using the variable country as input. You can use country as a segment variable already, but go this path if that is more useful to you.

Then I would connect the cluster node to a subflow Start Groups (Mode Index to pick up the segments of your cluster node)->TS Simmilarity (please confirm your data is in the right format)->End Groups

I hope that helps,


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