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How to read Big Endian format in sas

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How to read Big Endian format in sas



I am getting a dat file from abnitio eviroment. I need to read a data using Big Endian informat. while reading the data its working fine. if the data is 9 digit.but above that its not working. i am using this format S370FIB and also used this one S370FPIB.but its not working.


can anyone please help me.

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Re: How to read Big Endian format in sas

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You haven't provided enough information for us to help. What operating system was the data file produced on and what operating system are you trying to read the data on? The informats you are trying suggest you are trying to read integer binary data - is this correct? If so how many bytes are the data columns stored in: 2,4, 8 bytes?


This link explains the options:


You use the S370 informats if you are trying to read mainframe-sourced EBCDIC data on an ASCII system like Unix or Windows. If this the case then the data needs to be transferred using the BINARY method. Please confirm that this is what you are doing or not,



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