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How to modify optimized score code in Score node

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How to modify optimized score code in Score node

I have a flow in Enterprise Miner containing only custom nodes. Two nodes generate scoring code (, . The two files are identical. There is another node in the flow which also generates scoring code in, files. Having collected all of the score codes in the flow I attached a Score node to the last node in the flow. Having run the Score node the result panel includes SAS score code and Optimized Score code. The SAS code windows contains all of the score codes generated by the custom nodes but the optimized SAS code window is empty, there is no score code in it. Moreover the output variable window of the score node is also empty.

I am wondering whether it is possible to modify the optimized code in a way that it will be the same as the "not optimized" score code in the other window.

Besides this I am curious why the "Output variables" table is empty.

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Re: How to modify optimized score code in Score node

Hi Gabee,

You might be missing to add your variables to the data set &em_user_emscorevar.

Take a look at Susan's examples in this article .

Did that fix it?

Good luck!


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Re: How to modify optimized score code in Score node

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Hi Miguel,

Thank you for your help and sorry for the late reply but I was out of office. I have read the article you had mentioned before. I have checked the existence of the &em_user_emscorevar table. It exists in the EMWS folder.


I have also checked the path and the files were in those folders including the score code.

Best regards,


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