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How can I use the Tobit's Model in SAS?

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How can I use the Tobit's Model in SAS?

I need to use truncation and censoring. Is it possible?

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Re: How can I use the Tobit's Model in SAS?


If you truly want a censored regression (Tobit model), take a look at SAS/ETS(R) 13.2 User's Guide: The QLIM Procedure. It includes an example with the different Tobit models that you can use: Types of Tobit Models.

A similar approach in SAS Enterprise Miner would be to use the Replacement Node to censor values from the right or the left of your input variables. Once you have censored your values, you can use the Regression node as usual.

It would be interesting to compare the accuracy of proc QLIM and your own flow of Replacement->Regression node, but I couldn't find a paper of someone doing that. If you happen to work on that, please comment on your findings!

An advantage of the second approach is that you could use HPRegression node when you are dealing with big data.

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