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Help with Weight option

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Help with Weight option

I'm working on patient satisfaction with first level health care in Mexico. The Data base contains a variable called 'factores de expansion final' to allow the sample to be representative of the whole population. According to what I know, this variable should be included in the weight option of any procedure used in SAS.
The data base contains a lot of potential independant variables ( variables of partial satisfaction) which are all correlated to each others. Thus I decided to run a factor analisis. As the variables are defined on lickert scale, I choose to transform them with proc prinqual and then run the factor analisis with the transformed variables.

This solution was really meaningfull and logical as long as I didn't use the weight option. With the weight option, factors and transformations had no sense, even with rotations.
I dont understand why the inclusion of this option is changing so much the correlations between variables.

Then I used the factors from the solution without weight in a binary logistic regression to modelize global satisfaction and this time, the solution with the weight option in proc logit is very very good (R2=0.9, too good?) and very very bad without it ( R2 =0.1).
I stilll dont understand why does the solution changes so much with or without the option.
Which solutin should I use? Should I never use the option weight, always use it or only use it when the results are coherent?
Please help me, this analisis is suppose to help improve the mexican health care system,
Thanks for your attention and help,
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Re: Help with Weight option

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Hi: You only need to post this question in one forum. You've already posted it in the Health Care forum and in the Statistical Procedures forum and in the SAS Procedures forum and in this forum. All your threads were the same -- here are a few:

This forum is for DATA Mining and TEXT Mining questions, specifically using SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Text Miner.

Posting the same question more than once is not good forum etiquette. Unless you are specifically using SAS Enterprise Miner (but this doesn't sound like a Text Miner or Enterprise Miner question), then the appropriate forum was the Statistical Procedure Forum. If no one responds to your question on the Statistical Procedures forum then it would be appropriate for you to ask your question of SAS Technical Support.

Or, If your need is urgent, as implied by your post of the same question in 4 different places, your best resource is SAS Technical Support. These forums should not be used in place of seeking help with Tech Support. To open a track with Tech Support, fill out the form at this link:

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