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Great Time at Analytics 2013 in Orlando

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Great Time at Analytics 2013 in Orlando

What a great week at Analytics 2013 in Orlando!  I spent considerable time interacting with fellow SAS users while giving talks on High-Performance Data Mining, showcasing our new analytic clients, answering questions at the HPA booth, and at the appetizers tables! 

Two themes resonated for me:

1. Approachable Analytics:  We are moving towards web-based analytic solutions which enable users to get from Zero to 100 in terms of productivity within a few clicks.  Browsers provide the entry point for data miners and statisticians to interact with data faster than ever before.  You could be accessing data in the CLOUD and not even realize it, from your Ipad.  You will here more about this in great detail over the coming months, so stay tuned.

2. Automating Analytics: The time to make decisions as shrunk.  Getting your analytics into the market and reaching your customer base gives you an advantage over the competition.  With our new web clients, it has become more important than ever to be productive, from data prep, to model development, to model deployment, and to reporting and optimization.  Through the use of our new tools, we are aiming to make you more productive, get models out to production faster, and make changes, dare I say, automatically and intelligently, while you sit back and watch.  Again, stay tuned for SAS Model Factory in action.

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