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Free Webinar: SAS® Visual Statistics - Getting Started

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Free Webinar: SAS® Visual Statistics - Getting Started

Hi Data Mining Community,


I’m presenting a live “Ask the Expert” webinar on April 14, 1 - 2 p.m. ET on Getting Started with SAS Visual Statistics. I hope you’ll join me.


I plan to:

  • Interactively create and refine descriptive and predictive models – for insights fast and bright as lightning.
  • If you’re a business analyst, statistician or data scientist who explores data or builds models, this webinar is for you.
  • Learn about SAS Visual Statistics and its capabilities (including its seamless integration with SAS Visual Analytics), including how to:

                  * Apply statistical modeling techniques to explore data visually.

                  * Create models, including decision trees and logistic regression.

                  * Compare models by looking at different criteria

Are there any other specific questions you’d like covered? Let me know by responding to this thread.


Register Now to join me for this webinar


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Can't join the live event? You can view this and other Ask the Experts sessions on-demand here.

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