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Follow up on SEM practice exam.

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Follow up on SEM practice exam.

Hi all,

I got some issues with some the responses they gave in the answers to the predictive modeling certification practice exam:Is there anybody having access to the exam?


I have repeatedly come out with Regression as the right answerbut they gave Neural Network as the right answer.


Where in the scoring output can I find the answer they gave,what I'm getting in my output does not tally with thiers.


Any other option to obtain the median of the predicted probabilities of TARGET=1 ? I got 0.12 but they gave a different approach of coping sas codes from the score node to the code editor  in the sas code node and run it. What sas codes do I need to copy to ans Q5.7?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Follow up on SEM practice exam.

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For 5.2 the least Valid Root ASE will determine it as the best model. For Neural Network i got the least ASE values-0.3374 compare to other models, hence my answer is D.

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