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Factors for credit scoring

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Factors for credit scoring

Dear All, 


I have an issue about selecting factors for credit scorecard. During approval process, I think some conditions such as Downpayment, Financing Amount and etc. might be changed, For example, Customer A intended to pay the downpayment 15% , but after that he/she might be requested from bank to pay 20% .  In implementing the model, we need historical data in the analysis . Which amount should be used the first downpayment (15%) or last downpayment (20%)? It sounds like first downpayment was what customer intend to pay. While last downpayment was the actual payment. So, my question is which one is better?


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Re: Factors for credit scoring

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1. Clarify the definition with the business - VERY IMPORTANT
2. If you're analyzing credit, I would assume the amount paid was actually more significant than the amount intended. You can also test them in the model one at a time and see which provides a better fit.
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