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Exploring Data in SAS enterprise miner.

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Exploring Data in SAS enterprise miner.

I am new user in SAS enterprise miner and need help for something easy. I have a data set with one ID variable and nineteen predictors.

  1. I need to find correlation coefficient values with target for each predictors.
  2. Target value is 0 or 1, and let say one predictor has 4 level. I need to explore which level has how many 0 and 1 response (maybe creating an histogram.)

So far, I put the data in main diagram, then created StatExplore node, and run it. The results do not show what I need. You can see result in attached pic. Can anyone help?

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Re: Exploring Data in SAS enterprise miner.

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Hi there,

It looks like the target has the level interval instead of binary.  If you right-click on the Input Data node and select Edit Variables, you can change the level for your target to Binary there, then re-run the StatExplore node.  Then in the Results under View>Summary Statistics, you can view the Class Variables: TARGET plot to see the distributions that you want, or the Cell Chi-Squares table.


Note that also from the Edit Variables window of the Input Data node, you can select all the variables and click on Explore.  This will plot histograms for each individual variable, and these plots are interactive so you can click on the bar for one of the levels in the histogram for your target to see the distribution of the other variables just for that level.


Give that a try, and report back how that all goes!



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Re: Exploring Data in SAS enterprise miner.

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