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Enterprise Miner strategy

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Enterprise Miner strategy

Hi, need an advise of community. We have a datdbase of reviews on our resort. We have data on user location, ranking of our resort from 1-5 and the text of the review. We need to extract data which can help us ubderstand what we can improve with our resort, Which strategy we might choose? Will be very gratefull for the help - I am a new user and it is a bit hard for me yet... 

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Re: Enterprise Miner strategy

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You've asked a very general question, but it might help you to learn about the process of variable selection.  Check out this webinar by one of our SAS experts.

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Re: Enterprise Miner strategy

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Does your company also license SAS Text Miner? This is the add-on product to SAS Enterprise Miner that provides several techniques for directly analyzing text data, such as the review you describe.


In the absence of Text Miner, what many people do is use the very robust programming language in SAS to extract information from the text field(s). Base SAS provides a lot of character functions to aid in this.  It can be a bit laborious to do it this way and you need to know a priori what to look for. Typically people great a lot of indicator variables to represent certain words, topics or themes.  The resulting analysis won't be as robust as one that uses natural language processing and advanced text analytics as Text Miner does, but you may at least be able to gain some insights from the data.


I hope this helps!

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