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Enterprise Miner: running state indefinitely

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Enterprise Miner: running state indefinitely

Hi all,


After applied the new SAS licence, Enterprise Miner is not working anymore. Now, nodes are not highlighted green as expected when running and at the bottom left corner of the user interface indicates that flows is running state indefinitely.


The problem occurs in new or existing Miner project. Despite of showing "running" state, I still can open a node or add nodes to the diagram. 


To evaluate the problem, I created a new diagram using Sampsio example database. I was able to add a datasource node and data partition node, but when tried to run the flows shows running for ever. If we tried to open the results of data partition node, appears a message saying the node was not running yet. Under log, inside Enterprise Miner interface, does not appear any error. The file run.log, inside EM project folder, is not created. I enabled a debug mode for SAS Web Application Server but no error appears on it (please see attached file).


I'm using Enterprise Miner 14.2 with SAS 9.4 installed on a Unix server.


Any idea of what is going on?



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Re: Enterprise Miner: running state indefinitely

Hi @MariaD,


Thanks for your question! If you've not already, I suggest opening a SAS Technical Support track for this scenario. The team there should be able to work through this with you.


All the best,


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Re: Enterprise Miner: running state indefinitely

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Hi @AnnaBrown


I just opened a technical support ticket. 



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