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Enterprise Miner browse code SAS code node

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Enterprise Miner browse code SAS code node

Add a view only option to view the SAS code contained in a SAS code node without opening the code editor. In order to review the code, not to edit. When there are several code nodes in a diagram and/or the diagram has been through several versions, I would like to review the node contents without waiting for the code editor to open.

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Re: Enterprise Miner browse code SAS code node

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Dear Linda,

I will forward your suggestion to Enterprise Miner product manager to make this available in future versions.

In the meantime, give this trick a try:

Select the SAS Code node that you want to review, then copy it, and then paste it in a text editor like Wordpad or Notepad. You will have some extra lines of XML code that that SAS Enterprise Miner uses and you do not need, but what you want to review will be there for you.

I sometimes do this copy-paste trick as a workaround. I get to "preview" the code in Wordpad or Notepad while the SAS Code node opens.

I hope it helps,



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