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Enterprise Miner Timeline

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Enterprise Miner Timeline

Hi There,

The lovely Chris Hemedinger and Rick Wicklin created a graph to show the timelines of Base SAS and Enterprise Guide, I was wondering if there was anything similar for Enterprise Miner? Or at least if anyone had a list of dates and version releases that a graph could be made from?

Many thanks in advance, apologies if it's a silly question!


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Re: Enterprise Miner Timeline

Gemma, never a silly question, only silly answers Smiley Happy That said, do you have the links to the timelines that Rick and Chris put together? It seems like they are pretty active in SAS Communities as well as SAS Blogs, just nothing in Communities that I can see at the moment about timelines

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Re: Enterprise Miner Timeline

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The two blog posts from and that refer to are:


I agree having a chart with the equivalent Enterprise Miner versions would be useful (and perhaps other SAS clients like DI Studio too.)

Kind Regards,


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Re: Enterprise Miner Timeline

I have asked one of our SAS project managers to pull together a list.  I will post the dates.

This will be a fun test for the community.  I will post the dates, and lets see who can produce the chart for everyone!  Please share your code.


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Re: Enterprise Miner Timeline

Thanks Jonathan, that sounds great. I wonder if we can challenge some of the other community areas too, maybe the Data Managent team too. Smiley Happy

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Re: Enterprise Miner Timeline

GemmaR, I think that is a great idea! What type of challenge did you have in mind? You are welcome to share more detail here on this thread or please email me with more information on this idea: .



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