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Enterprise Miner Score node question

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Enterprise Miner Score node question

After I run Score node. I wanted to check the distribution of P_target0 or p_target1. I found in the exported data window the role of p_targe0 or p_target1 was "rejected". So I can not check their statistic information. 

My question is why their roles are "rejected", how can I chang their roles?

If I can not change, how can I get p_target0 or p_target1 statistic information. 


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Re: Enterprise Miner Score node question

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Even though their role is Rejected, you can still view statistics for them or create distribution plots using those variables by clicking Explore from the Exported Data window.  You can also use the StatExplore node to view various statistics, you just need to set Use=Yes for those variables from the Edit Variables window for that node.

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Re: Enterprise Miner Score node question

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Wendy, Thanks. I got the data using StatExplore node. 

At beginning I used Code Node to got mean median, then I tried  StatExplore node and set USE=YES. I found the results were a little difference, but they were very close.

For example for P_TARGET0: 

when I used code node,           median=0.9058705    mean=0.8383493   std=0.1647437     skewness= -1.5372081  Kurtosis=2.1043724;


when I used StatExplore node,  median=0.903874     mean=0.835846     std=0.166262      skewness=-1.52727       

 Kurtosis= 2.062464;


do you think that is normal? Thanks.




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