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Enterprise Miner Literature

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Enterprise Miner Literature

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best books that novice Enterprise Miner users should read? I have looked at the list posted on the SAS site and would appreciate input as to which books are the best based on their content and ability to explain basic concepts to new users.
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Re: Enterprise Miner Literature

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Personally, for a novice, I think the SAS course 'Data Mining for Enterprise Miner' is an excellent all round introduction. If you can't get to a course, I think they sell the course notes.

As for books, one thing you need to consider is whether you have the server or client version. They are not the same, quite a bit is different. I bought a segmentation book that looks like it for the server version and I use the client version. I will be giving the book a crack this year, not sure how the differences will affect me.

I really like Matignon's Book as a reference
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