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Enterprise Miner 6.2 SAS 9.2 released August 17th

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Enterprise Miner 6.2 SAS 9.2 released August 17th

SAS Enterprise Miner 6.2 was released last week which delivers major new features targeted at specific business applications and complex information technology deployments. Rapid Predictive Modeer is a new feature for general business users that need to develop reliable models for predicting customer response and retention. The Interactive Decision Tree is enhanced to display more information about the nodes and leaves and to show more plots based on validation data. The credit scoring functions have been improved to provide more customization of bins and to provide more control over scorecard points (Credit Scoring for EM 6.2). For more details please see the What's new document at

We hope you find these features useful and fun to use. Wayne Thompson SAS Product Manager Analytics.
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Re: Enterprise Miner 6.2 SAS 9.2 released August 17th

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If you use SAS Enterprise Miner and are not using SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler, you need to check it out.  It can provide a reasonable model with relatively little effort, and it allows you to try a variety of methods (depending on the level of complexity you choose) allowing you to model new data sets with which you have less experience or knowledge.

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