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ERROR: HPSPLIT stopped due to an internal error (0xF307)

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ERROR: HPSPLIT stopped due to an internal error (0xF307)

I am using EG and I am consistently running into this error with hpsplit:

ERROR: HPSPLIT stopped due to an internal error (0xF307)


I cannot diagnose the source of the error. This is the only error message it gives. So, it is hard to troubleshoot with little details.

I am trying to create trees for a predictor by a variable. I know that hpsplit does not have by statement. I have a macro to take care of that but that is not issue. The subset data returns the error, but using the full dataset (as a test to see if hpsplit is corrupted or not) works fine.


From the output of the subset, I can get the Tree Performance and the variable importance. However, it will not output the predictions from the score-statement(which is what I need). I have googled around to try to find information on the error. I have not found anything on it. So I thought I would post and see if anyone has ran into problem and found a solution(or workaround).


I wish I could provide more details but it is confidental information.


Any help will be appriciated

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***Additional Information***

Additional Information: the 0xF307 Error stems from the score statement of proc hpsplit.

Still unsure of how to fix the error, but this is the source of it

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Re: ***Additional Information***

What version of SAS and SAS/STAT? Run proc product_status; if unsure.  The latest is SAS/STAT 14.2, and HPSPLIT had significant changes from when it was first introduced in SAS/STAT 12.1 (I think).


If you can't share your syntax/example here, I suggest opening a track with SAS Tech Support.

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