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E Miner - Link Analysis

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E Miner - Link Analysis


I have SAS E Miner 6.2 Version and would want to use Link Analysis Option. This version does not have Link Analysis. How can I get link analysis in my E Miner and what be the cost for it ?

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Re: E Miner - Link Analysis

Hi Nehac,

If you don't have the contact information for your SAS representative handy, you can create a contact form for a quote here:


I don't remember top of my head what version first includes link analysis node, but 14.1 has a lot of other stuff you will be interested including HPForest and all the HP nodes.


Here one of the best papers on link analysis:


Good luck!


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Re: E Miner - Link Analysis

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The Link Analysis node first became available in SAS Enterprise Miner 12.3 (on SAS 9.4).


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Re: E Miner - Link Analysis

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I saw some of previous versions like SAS 4.x. 5.x had it. I have asked for quotation and would wait for response on the same

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