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Domain error with MBR-node

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Domain error with MBR-node

My Situation:

I am using SAS Enterprise Miner within SAS OnDemand for Academics.

On an empty diagram I put an Input Data-node containing a matrix (filled with numbers with many missing values).

Connected to this node there is a MBR-node (with Method=Scan, Number of Neighbors=2)

The Problem:

When using the MBR-node I get the following errors in the log of the node:


ERROR: Domain error.


A few lines below:

ERROR: Termination due to Floating Point Exception


These errors seem to appear depending on the target variable that I chose (i.e., when changing the target variable I sometimes get no errors).

What could be causing these errors?

The only information I could find were this or this but neither do I use proc sql nor does my matrix consist of dates.

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Re: Domain error with MBR-node

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Perhaps you don’t have valid (all variables non-missing) observations in your dataset?

Also check the type of the target variable.

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